Miller Park Fast Facts

Some facts about Miller Park that you may not have known.

About the Scrapbook

Back in 1997 this site was put together as a hobby website for the purpose of providing baseball fanatics a way of keeping up on the progress of Miller Park construction.  Now almost 15 years later, it remains as a historical record as Miller Park celebrates its ten year anniversary.

This site is also our small way of thanking all of those individuals who have and continue to support Major League Baseball in Wisconsin.  The fight was long and hard!

The Scrapbook would also like to give a special acknowledgement to those who lost their jobs or their lives fighting to keep professional baseball alive! You know who you are!

Other stuff...

This site is not affiliated with the Milwaukee Brewers, Major League Baseball or Miller Brewing in any manner.

The photos that are on this site are not for distribution in any way, shape, or form without the  written consent of The Mille Park Scrapbook.

We hope you enjoy the site and the pics.


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